The Wanderer's Guide to the Wilds

I’ve been doing Inktober for a few years now, and it’s always both a struggle and delight at the end of each drawing. The consistent practice is what I am realizing is a defining trait of a successful artist, and it’s a lesson I’m still trying to learn day to day.

For this past October 2016, I drew inked portraits of fantasy creatures or characters that I rolled up using Jason Lutes’s Perilous Wilds. Drawing randomly rolled creatures are a fun exercise to get yourself thinking about new shapes and figures. And for me, it’s an important challenge as I try to create my own characters for stories, since I spend most of my time drawing characters that I did not create.

The full set of inktober drawings are on a separate blog I share with Chris and anyone else who wants to contribute art inspired by playing tabletop RPGs: The Wanderer’s Guide to the Wilds. My hope is to collect them for print in the near future, so watch out for that!