Desert Dreamin’ Vol. 2 - Irreverent

A lonely, overwhelmed owl learns how to step away from the chaos and find peace in the moment (2019)

Food Fan Zine Vol. 1

An anthology of food stories and recipes in comic form plus more (2018)

The Wanderer’s Guide Zine

Journal of sketches of people and creatures encountered while traversing the wilds (2017)

Pick Your Poison

Collected drawings of an Inktober challenge about a monkey who meets a demon (2017)

Desert Dreamin’ Vol. 1 - The Relevant

An ape and an owl embark on a simple journey for revenge (2016)

Gene Drive to the Rescue

Science comic for Bay Nature describing Gene Drive technology (2016)

The Solstice Submarine 3D

The Solstice Submarine travels back to the Cretaceous era to explore in 3D (2014)

The Solstice Submarine vol. 3

The Solstice Submarine goes on a journey to the atomic scale and beyond (2012)


Strip drawn for the Cartoon Crier (2012)